We are The Beau Cats, a pop/rock trio blending elements of classic rock, folk, country rock, a bit of southern soul and, on occasion, a generous portion of Latin flavor.  The music editor of a northeast Florida magazine said we have a "bodacious classy sound", and several of our friends & colleagues thought it was a good description.  While each of us has his/her own personal favorites, we were all greatly influenced by The Beatles, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, Utopia and The Jazz Crusaders.

The band members are:
Bob McDowell - guitar, lead & harmony vocals
Sandra Lacy - keyboards, keyboard bass, lead & harmony vocals
Gil Linares - drums, lead & harmony vocals

If you're interested to learn more about our individual influences, musical preferences and experience go to the Band Member Bios page.


Our album "Style" was released in December of 2014 and is available for purchase on CDBaby.com and at live performances.  You can hear preview clips of the 12 songs from the album on the Buy Our Music page.  From there you can link to our page on CDBaby.com to purchase the album or any combination of individual songs.

When we're not writing and recording our own music we can be found playing at a wide array of venues in the northeast Florida area.  We're regularly featured entertainers at several northeast Florida venues and dance clubs.  You can find out where we'll be playing next and what the band and/or band members are up to on the Upcoming Events page.

Thank you very much for visiting us here on our website.  Please drop in anytime.

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Style album cover

The Beau Cats album
12 Songs Based on the 
Poems of Tut Riddick
is now available for

Mark your calendar
Our upcoming 
gigs are

Friday, Oct 9th
Rivercity Dance Club
K.O.C. hall, Hendricks Ave.
Jacksonville, Fla
8 to 11

Friday, Oct 16th
Tom & Betty's Restaurant
4409 Roosevelt Blvd.
Jacksonville, Fla
8 to 12

Tuesday, Oct 20th
Palatka Social Club
Shrine Club ballroom
East Palatka, Fla
7:15 to 10

Thursday, Oct 22nd
Keystone Social Club
Keystone Shrine Club hall
Keystone Heights, Fla
7:30 to 10

Saturday, Oct 24th
Lake Butler Social Club
Western Night
Hal Maines Community Center
Lake Butler, Fla
7:30 to 10:30

Friday, Oct 30th
Friday Night  Dance Club
Halloween Party
Lions Club hall
Orange Park, Fla
8 to 10:40


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